Map of old town of České Budějovice - Czech Republic

© Bára Stluková (photo, map), Jaroslav Kerles (ilustration), Marcel Goetz (project)

Unused, sent by Sapic12

"České Budějovice (German: Budweis or Böhmisch Budweis; sometimes referred to as Budweis in English) is a statutory city in the Czech Republic. It is the largest city in the South Bohemian Region as well as its political and commercial capital, the seat of the Roman Catholic Diocese of České Budějovice, the University of South Bohemia, and the Academy of Sciences. It is located in the center of a valley of the Vltava River, at the confluence with the Malše.

České Budějovice, which is located in the historical province of Bohemia, is not to be confused with Moravské Budějovice in Moravia." In: Wikipedia
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