Cuervo River waterfall in Cuenca - Spain

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"In the Serrania de Cuenca, backed by the spectacular Muela de San Felipe and sheltered by a curve of high cliffs, among huge rocks cushioned with moss, a double waterfall marks the source of the river Cuervo (the river Raven).

Northwest of the Muela - which, at 1840 metres, is the highest of the Cuenca mountains - the huge overhanging cliffs form the natural amphitheatre where the river Cuervo makes its entrance. The spring is located in a north-facing grove where, year round, the first waters of the river bubble up from a crack in the ground.

The Cuervo starts life in a jumble of small channels. Shortly after, it tumbles into a spectacular double waterfall where the water spreads into a wide fan. The multiple threads of water weave a spectacular curtain over and around the moss and aquatic plants." In: Hello Visit Spain
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