Mónica's InterRail (5) - Italy

At last, but not least, Italy:

© Mazzega Art & Design

© RotalSele

The first 2: multiviews of Venice (Venezia), UNESCO world heritage site.

© RotalSele

San Marco's Basilica in Venice.

© Mazzega Art & Design

A map card of Venice

© Edizioni Fenice

Duino Castle in Trieste


Mónica's InterRail (4) - Czech Republic

From Prague (Czech Republic) she bought some multiviews:

© Dimart

© Dimart

© Dimart


Mónica's InterRail (3) - Poland

From Poland, 3 postcards of Cracow (Krakow):

© KINA Italia

© Photo by Wojciech Gorgolewski, published by Margo

The first two postcards show the Wawel Castle.

© Artur Gawin, published by Scan Art

This postcard was actually sent from Cracow and it arrived one day after Mónica's arrival back in Portugal. It shows a few aspects of Cracow:The Town Hall Tower and the Cloth Hall, the Florian's Gate, the Juliusz Slowacki Theatre, the Barbican.


Mónica's InterRail (2) - Austria

From Austria she gave me:

Published by Verlag C. Bauer

A multiview of Vienna: Parlament, Hofburg, Rathaus, Stephansdom, Riesenrad, Staatsoper, Belvedere Palace.

Photo by Barbara Koch, published by Verlag C. Bauer

Some aspects of Schönbrunn Palace, a UNESCO world heritage site.


Mónica's InterRail (1) - Hungary

Mónica is friend and is also a college at my work. We also participate as volunteers in some events related to cancer. This year she made an InterRail travel at some European countries. She also likes postcards and she bought me a few from each country. From Hungary she gave me:

Published by ARS UNA Studio

A multiview postcard with some places from Hungary: Esztergom, Debrecen, Hévíz, Pécs, Keszthely, Budapest and Sopron.

Published by ARS UNA Studio

A multiview postcard of Budapest.


Go Green (plantable card) - USA

Published by USPS

An amazing plantable postcard sent by my friend "9teen87".

"Small steps can make a big difference for our environment. Be a part of change. Go green.

Don't throw this note away. Plant and watch it grow!

Step 1 - Prepare a pot of soil or small patch of garden
Step 2 - Place card on top and cover with a 1/4" fine layer of soil
Step 3 - Water daily and allow sunlight"


Brest cancer - Portugal

Published by Postalfree

An add card about the brest cancer and the importance of the early diagnose. Sent by cristina.


FI-1180611 - Mailbox maxicard

© Photo by Jaakko Avikainen, Martti Kainulainen/Lehtikuva, Published by Posti

FI-1180611 sent by "akkipakki"

"Maximum card no. 96
Denomination: A mailbox attached to a milk platform"


Meeting in Alentejo 1-10-11 - Portugal

Finally we've made a meeting in Alentejo and this time I also participated! From this meeting I've got: 

© Jesus Rueda, Published by Gestalqueva

From Blicas Blocas: an aerial view of Monsaraz

© Manuel Filipe Novo, Published by Reuniarte

From myself: the Castle of Montemor-o-Novo

© Manuel Filipe Novo, Published by Reuniarte

From PilotOne: the railway bridge of Montemor-o-Novo


Lake Walen in Heidiland - Switzerland

© Steinemann Flumserberg

This lake view is from Heidiland and shows the Lake Walen. Sent by carolisha

"Heidiland, named after the Heidi books, is an important tourist area in Switzerland, popular especially with the Japanese. Maienfeld is the center of what is called Heidiland; one of the villages, formerly called Oberrofels, is actually renamed "Heididorf." Heidiland is located in an area called Bündner Herrschaft; it is criticized as being a "laughable, infantile cliche" and "a more vivid example of hyperreality." In: Wikipedia


TW-320331 - Chenghuang Temple

© Osima Co.

TW-320331 sent by "Richi"

"Located on the corner of Zhongshan Rd and Dongmen St, Hsinchu City God (Cheng Huang) Temple is known as the highest-ranking of all Taiwan City God temples. Completed in 1748, Hsinchu Cheng Huang Temple is renowned as Tier-Two historical site with flourishing incense and many Taiwanese snacks in front forming a vivid scene. It is a Taoist temple where hundreds of colorful wall-paintings can be seen with a distinctive arched entrance structure.

Cheng Huang, the city god of justice is responsible for the final judges of each soul who die within his jurisdiction. Cheng Huang was honored “Wei-Ling Kung” by Emperor Guangxu of Ching Dynasty and appointed Cheng Huang Temple as one of the royal temples.

Each year on November 29th of the Lunar Calendar is the birthday of Cheng-Huang, which a birthday ceremony is being held on the eve of the big day through the 29th. There will be traditional parades and firecrackers. Also, on the 2nd of July of the Lunar Calendar, worshippers will gather around Hsinchu City God Temple to see some believers wearing paper-made triangular shackles on their necks for bliss and wellness." In: Sinotour


Small waterfall in the Alps - Switzerland

© Popp & Hackner

This small waterfall somewhere in the Alps was sent by "Carolisha", from the Alien RR.


Museum of Medical History - Finland

Published by Varisuomi OY

From the Alien RR, "aj-person" sent this health related postcard from the Museum of Medical History at University of Helsinki, showing Elias Lönnrot's book, cupping horns and a cupping axe.


Beach - Belgium

© Photo by Christophe Potigny, published by Coleur Locale

A souvenir from Isa and her family during their short vacations at the Belgian coast.


Eiffel Tower - France

© Photo by Peet Simard, Published by Editions A. Leconte

"SusanaPortugal" a postcrosser from Portugal, was in vacations in Paris, and from there I've got this panoramic view of Champ de Mars and the Eiffel Tower.


Common Bottlenose Dolphin - Portugal

© Sofoto

From the Alien RR from the Postcrossing Forum, "geminiscp" sent this lovely postcard with the commom bottlenose dolphin that also lives in Portugal  at Sado River (Setúbal)

"Tursiops truncatus, commonly known as the Common Bottlenose Dolphin, is the most well-known species from the family Delphinidae. Common bottlenose dolphins are the most familiar dolphins due to the wide exposure they receive in captivity in marine parks, dolphinarias, in movies, and television programs (for example Flipper). T. truncatus are the largest species of the beaked dolphins. They inhabit temperate and tropical oceans throughout the world, and are absent only from polar waters. The bottlenose dolphins previously known as T. truncatus, but recently the genus has been split into two, T. truncatus and T. aduncus. Although this species has been traditionally called the Bottlenose Dolphin, many authors have used the name Common Bottlenose Dolphin for this species since a second bottlenose dolphins species, the Indo-Pacific Bottlenose Dolphin, was described. The Common Bottlenose Dolphins inhabit warm and temperate seas worldwide. Considerable genetic variation has been described among members of this species, even between neighboring populations, and so many experts believe that there may be multiple species included within Tursiops truncatus." In: Wikipedia


Do you suffer from the WK feaver? - Netherlands

Published by Drukker.nl

Dutch: "Ook zo'n last van de WK koorts?"

English: "Do you suffer from the WK feaver?"

WK is a website that sells products related to de colors the represents the Dutch nation.


African Penguin - USA

Published by Charles Productions Inc

From a swap with "ilove2smile" I got this cool postcard from the Adventure Aquarium in Camden, New Jersey.

"African penguin (Spheniscus demersus)
Size: 26-27" tall and weighing 4.4 to 11 lbs
Habitat: Found on the south-western coast of Africa on islands between Namibia and South Africa
Fun Fact: They can swim at an average speed of 7km per hour and stay submerged for up 2 minutes"


Donkey - Greece

Published by Sotiris Toumbis

Sent by Nectaria


Zurich - Switzerland

A few weeks ago I've got two views of Zurich with a moonlight!

Published by Advision AG

Sent by "Paula B"

Published by Advision AG

Sent by "Alexie"


TW-314345 - Waterfall

Published by Photo Book

TW-314345 sent by "pinkissa"

"Pinkissa" says that a friend of hers is the author of this picture. Until now, I don't know where this waterfall is located...


Maryland's Fried Chicken - USA

Published by ?

From a swap with "ilove2smile" I've got this recipe of Fried Chicken from Maryland.

"Maryland's chicken industry is concentrated in rural sections of the lower Eastern Shore, where one grower can raise thousands of birds in a single barnlike "house". The business is Maryland's largest agricultural endeavor, contributing almost $1 billion to the state's economy."


TW-327445 - Chuhuo

Published by JJP

TW-327445 sent by "lily94snail"

"Located in Hengchun Town of Pingtung County, Taiwan, Hengchun Chuhuo (Eternal Flame) is an ecological wonder that is about 5 minutes away from the East Gate of Hengchun Old Town. Chuhuo, meaning releasing fire in Mandarin is also known as ghost fire for these burning flames looking rather mysterious in the dark.

Offering distinctive sceneries, Hengchun Chuhuo is one of Hengchun’s unique treasures, which is fueled by natural gas that rises through cracked mudstone under the earth’s surface. These distinctive flames can be seen year-round and are best-viewed drying the dry seasons. During rainy season and days, the still-burning flames are sometimes temporarily concealed by the falling rain filling the mudstone cracks.

Hengchun Chuhuo is mostly visited by travelers in the evening for a clear view. For visitors visiting in the evening, one may want to bring torches as there are no lightings in the area. In addition, popcorn, sweet potatoes, or eggs are available at the stalls at the entrance to have some fun at Chuhuo area." In: Sinotour


Penguins - Switzerland

© Mauritius Images/Imagebroker/Michael Krabs, published by Naumann & Göbel

The crazy Alex surprised me with this great postcard! The adult and the little one are walking at the same time with the same feet.


Savonarola monument and Castle Estense - Italy

© Published by Garami Milano

I've already visited Ferrara, but I don't find any postcard from there... I'm guessing that they are lost... But finally I received a card from there! "Chihuahua" and Alex sent this view of the Savonarola Monument and the  Castle Estense.


A friend is... - Switzerland

© Alexander Holzach, published by Take Care Postcards

At the Postcrossing Forum we started the "Alien RR", this is the first one arriving from Alex that lives in Switzerland.

German: Ein freund ist jemand, der dich mag, auch wenn du mal bitterböse bist.

English: A friend is someone who likes you even when you are angry sometimes.


JP-177637 - Ryuzu Falls

JP-177637 sent by "Yuki55"

"Ryuzu no taki means "dragon head waterfall" in Japanese. The name comes from the shape of the falls, which resembles the head of a dragon. The waterfall is located on Yukawa River, shortly before the river discharges into Lake Chuzenji.

Ryuzu Waterfall is flanked by many trees which turn yellow and red during the autumn leaf season, adding to the fall's fiery, dragon-like appearance. Probably because of its shadowy location, Ryuzu Waterfall is one of the first spots in Nikko to see autumn colors. It is usually best in early October.

The waterfall is viewed free of charge from a small observation deck in the back of a rest house that also contains a souvenir shop and a food stand. It is possible to follow the river upstream for about 300 meters along a walking trail and enjoy more views of the impressive river as it rushes towards the lake. Further beyond, the trail continues towards the Senjogahara Marshlands." In: Japan Guide


GB-240650 - The Lake District

© J. Salmon Ltd

GB-240650 sent by "f1julia"

"The Lake District, also commonly known as The Lakes or Lakeland, is a mountainous region in North West England. A popular holiday destination, it is famous not only for its lakes and its mountains (or fells) but also for its associations with the early 19th century poetry and writings of William Wordsworth and the other Lake Poets.

The majority of the area was designated as the Lake District National Park in 1951. It is the largest of the thirteen National Parks in England and Wales, and the second largest in the UK (after the Cairngorms). It lies entirely within the modern county of Cumbria, shared historically by the counties of Cumberland, Westmorland and Lancashire. All the land in England higher than three thousand feet above sea level lies within the National Park, including Scafell Pike, the highest mountain in England. It also contains the deepest and longest lakes in England." In: Wikipedia


Meeting in Massachussetts

© Sacha Goldberger, from "The Little Box of I Love You" published by Chronicle Books

This card came from Massachusetts from the postcrossing mini-meeting in July/2011. It says "You've got me wrapped around your finger".


Ancient mosaic of Leda and Swan - Cyprus

Photo by George Hadjimenikou published by Amnicard

This is my third swap with Nasia from Cyprus. This time she sent this ancient mosaic of Leda and Swan in Nicosia.

"Leda and the Swan is a motif from Greek mythology in which Zeus came to Leda in the form of a swan. According to later Greek mythology, Leda bore Helen and Polydeuces, children of Zeus, while at the same time bearing Castor and Clytemnestra, children of her husband Tyndareus, the King of Sparta. In the W.B. Yeats version, it is subtly suggested that Clytemnestra, although being the daughter of Tyndareus, has somehow been traumatised by what the swan has done to her mother (see below). As the story goes, Zeus took the form of a swan and raped or seduced Leda on the same night she slept with her husband King Tyndareus. In some versions, she laid two eggs from which the children hatched. In other versions, Helen is a daughter of Nemesis, the goddess who personified the disaster that awaited those suffering from the pride of Hubris." In: Wikipedia
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