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The top 3 of the most viewed posts in July of 2012 are:

1 - The Battle of Chesma - Russia, posted in 25-10-2011

2 - Braga's Municipal Stadium - Portugal, posted in 29-12-2011

3 - Lago Martiánez in Tenerife - Spain, posted in 04-04-2012

NL-425671 - The World Map

© Artwork Studios

NL-425671 sent by "beaheinz" 

I love this map and the details around it!


Official General from 1903 - Portugal

© Coronel Ribeiro Arthur (watercolor) / Edição do Jornal do Exército

unused, bought in Buçaco (Portugal)

This postcard belongs to the Portuguese Military Uniforms collection. It shows the uniform of an Official General (in Portuguese Oficial General) from 1903. Some of the uniforms can be found at the Military Museum in Buçaco, where I've bought this one.


A friend is never abandoned - Italy

Now that summer is here, we always see some animals abandoned at the streets... It's too sad to see that... In Italy, the Department of Communication of the Province of Perugia made, a few years ago, a campaign with the slogan "A friend is never abandoned" ( in Italian "Un amico non si abbandona mai"). I think I have all the cards from this issue:

© Provincia di Perugia / ilfilodiarianna

© Provincia di Perugia / ilfilodiarianna

© Provincia di Perugia / ilfilodiarianna

© Provincia di Perugia / ilfilodiarianna

© Provincia di Perugia / ilfilodiarianna

© Provincia di Perugia / ilfilodiarianna


NL-416608 - Giraffes


NL-416608 sent by "Sabine111" 

Dutch: "Kusje"
English: "Kiss"


Medieval bridge in Barcelos - Portugal

© Guia Turístico do Norte


"Classified as National Monument, Barcelos medieval bridge is a Gothic construction dating back to the beginning of the 14th century. King D. Pedro, the Third Count of Barcelos, ordered its construction, strengthening its role as an important trade centre, already conquered by Barcelos. This solid stone bridge connects Barcelos historical centre to Barcelinhos." In: Lifecooler


Mont Saint-Michel (UNESCO) - France

© Editions Normandees Le Goubby

An awesome multiview from Mont Saint-Michel, sent by "ludovico".

"Mont Saint-Michel (English: Saint Michael's Mount) is a rocky tidal island and a commune in Normandy, France. It is located approximately one kilometre (just over half a mile) off the country's north-western coast, at the mouth of the Couesnon River near Avranches. The population of the island is 41, as of 2006. The island has been a strategic point holding fortifications since ancient times, and since the 8th century AD it became the seat of the Saint-Michel monastery, from which it draws the name. The Mont-Saint-Michel and its bay are part of the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites. More than 3,000,000 people visit it each year." In: Wikipedia


FI-860924 - Nature

© Mauri Rautkari (photo)

FI-860924 sent by "ANEMLA"

One of the many nature views from Finland. On this one the colour of the leaves makes a cool effect!


Pula Arena - Croatia

© ?

Sent by smile4u, from a trade.

"The Pula Arena is the name of the amphitheatre located in Pula, Croatia. The Arena is the only remaining Roman amphitheatre to have four side towers and with all three Roman architectural orders entirely preserved. It was constructed in 27 BC - 68 AD and is among the six largest surviving Roman arenas in the World. A rare example among the 200 Roman surviving amphitheatres, it is also the best preserved ancient monument in Croatia." In: Wikipedia


BY-161750 -Red Deer at Bialowieza Forest (UNESCO)

© C.M. Пльіткевіч

BY-161750 sent by "Eygenie" 

I think that deer are a beautiful animal, although I don't like the winter colours of the fur...  Anyway, this lovely winter view of the Red Deer (Cervus elephus) came from Bialowieza Forest in Belarus.

"The Białowieża Primeval Forest is the last remaining primary deciduous and mixed forest of the European lowlands. Located on the watershed of the Baltic and Black seas, this immense forest range consisting of evergreens and broadleaved trees is the home of some remarkable animal life, including rare and interesting mammals. The park comprises about one-tenth of the entire Białowieża Primeval Forest, which has a wide range of flora and fauna typical of both Western and Eastern Europe." In: UNESCO


DE-375069 - Bunnies

© Monika Wegler

DE-375069 sent by "GerlindeFranziska"


FI-492059 - Mushrooms

© Mika J. Nieminen (photo) / Karto

FI-492059 sent by "MaijaLeena", some mushrooms.


Cathedral of Cordoba (UNESCO) - Spain

© Fisa


"The Cathedral and former Great Mosque of Córdoba, in ecclesiastical terms the Catedral de Nuestra Señora de la Asunción (English: Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption), and known by the inhabitants of Córdoba as the Mezquita-Catedral (Mosque–Cathedral), is today a World Heritage Site and the cathedral of the Diocese of Córdoba. It is located in the Andalusian city of Córdoba, Spain.

The site was originally a pagan temple, then a Visigothic Christian church, before the Umayyad Moors converted the building into a mosque and then built a new mosque on the site. After the Spanish Reconquista, it became a Roman Catholic church, with a plateresque cathedral later inserted into the centre of the large Moorish building. The Mezquita is regarded as the one of the most accomplished monuments of Islamic architecture. It was described by the poet Muhammad Iqbal:

"Sacred for lovers of art, you are the glory of faith,
You have made Andalusia pure as a holy land!"

In: Wikipedia


Map card of beaches - Portugal

© Dias dos Reis (photos) / Edig


A map postcard with some portuguese beaches in: Matosinhos, Lagos, Cascais, Miramar, Sesimbra, Vila Praia de Âncora, Nazaré, Vila do Conde, Zambujeira do Mar, Porto Côvo, Moledo, Ericeira, Odeceixe.


BY-111814 - Cathedral of The Holy Spirit in Minsk

© ?

BY-111814 sent by "Mary-sunny"

A great painting from The Holy Spirit Cathedral in Minsk.

"Formerly a Roman Catholic Church and Bernadine convent, it was built according to the Vilnius Baroque style. Laid in 1642 and completed in the 18th century, the cathedral is a valuable monument of Old Minsk. Six columns divide the inner room into three naves. The mid nave, traditional for basilica-type temples, is considerably wider and higher than the lateral ones. The iconostasis has a number of marvelous icons including the Our Lady wonder-making icon that miraculously appeared on the Svisloch bank back in 1500." In: Minsk Info


DE-374066 - Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

© UP-Verlag

DE-374066 sent by "schlagziele" 

A cool view from Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

"Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (also known as Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania in English) is a federal state in northern Germany. The capital city is Schwerin. The state was formed through the merger of the historic regions of Mecklenburg and Vorpommern after World War II, dissolved in 1952 and recreated prior to the German reunification in 1990.

Mecklenburg-Vorpommern is the sixth largest German state by territory, and the least densely populated one. The coastline of the Baltic Sea, including islands such as Rügen and Usedom, as well as the Mecklenburg Lake District are characterised by many holiday resorts and pristine nature, making Mecklenburg-Vorpommern one of Germany's leading tourist destinations. Three of Germany's fourteen national parks are in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, in addition to several hundred nature conservation areas. The University of Rostock (est. 1419) and the University of Greifswald (est. 1456) are amongst the oldest in Europe." In: Wikipedia


FR-38040 - Loire Valley (UNESCO)

© M. Gauthier (photo) / M. G. Editions

FR-38040 sent by "cabie_kurae"

A fantastic place!

"The Loire Valley is an outstanding cultural landscape along a major river which bears witness to an interchange of human values and to a harmonious development of interactions between human beings and their environment over two millennia. It is noteworthy for the quality of its architectural heritage, in its historic towns such as Blois, Chinon, Orléans, Saumur and Tours, but in particular in its world-famous castles, such as the Château de Chambord." In: UNESCO


EXPOQUIMIA'93 and EQUIPLAST'93 in Barcelona - Spain

© ?


The card from the fairs Expoquimia (chemicals) and Equiplast (plastics and rubber) in Fira de Barcelona held in 1993.


Map card of castles - Portugal

© Dias dos Reis (photos) / Edig


A map postcard with some of the portuguese castles in Montalegre, Bragança, Melgaço, Longroiva, Sortelha, Castelo de Vide, Abrantes, Chaves, Lindoso, Évoramonte, Sintra, Belver, Belmonte.


Agios Lazaros Church in Larcana - Cyprus

© George Hadjimenikou

Sent by Nasia, from a trade.

"The Church of Saint Lazarus (Greek: Ιερός Ναός Αγίου Λαζάρου), is a late-9th century church in Larnaca, Cyprus. It belongs to the Church of Cyprus, an autocephalous Greek Orthodox Church.

The Church of Saint Lazarus is named for New Testament figure Lazarus of Bethany, the subject of a miracle recounted in the Gospel of John, in which Jesus raises him from the dead. According to Orthodox tradition, sometime after the Resurrection of Christ, Lazarus was forced to flee Judea because of rumoured plots on his life and came to Cyprus. There he was appointed by Paul and Barnabas as the first Bishop of Kittim (present-day Larnaca). He is said to have lived for thirty more years and on his death was buried there for the second and last time. The Church of Ayios Lazaros was built over the reputed (second) tomb of Lazarus." In: Wikipedia


SS Elisabethville - Belgium

Éditions D'Art E. Stockmans & Co. Anvers

unused, bought in Braga (Portugal)

I've never stayed more than a day inside on a boat, and those I've been in only had a restaurant and no sleeping area. This shows the "Salon des Dames" (Ladies lounge area) inside the S.S. Elisabethville.

"Elisabethville was a 8,851 GRT ocean liner which was built in 1921 for Compagnie Belge Maritime du Congo. In 1930 the company became Compagnie Maritime Belge. She was used on the Antwerp - Matadi route.

In 1940, Elisabethville was requisitioned by the Ministry of War Transport (MoWT) for use as a troopship. She briefly returned to merchant service in 1946 before being requisitioned again in 1947 for further troopship duties, this time being renamed Empire Bure.

She was then laid up before being sold in 1950 to Charlton Steamship Co and was renamed Charlton Star. In 1958, she was sold to a Greek company and renamed Maristrella, serving until she was scrapped in 1960." In: Wikipedia


BY-35572 - Nesvizh Castle (UNESCO)

© ?

BY-35572 sent by "Jorik"

This card shows an aerial view of Nesvizh, with the Corpus Christi Church in the meddle and the Castle on the top.

"The Architectural, Residential and Cultural Complex of the Radziwill Family at Nesvizh is located in central Belarus. The Radziwill dynasty, who built and kept the ensemble from the 16th century until 1939, gave birth to some of the most important personalities in European history and culture. Due to their efforts, the town of Nesvizh came to exercise great influence in the sciences, arts, crafts and architecture. The complex consists of the residential castle and the mausoleum Church of Corpus Christi with their setting. The castle has ten interconnected buildings, which developed as an architectural whole around a six-sided courtyard. The palaces and church became important prototypes marking the development of architecture throughout Central Europe and Russia." In: UNESCO



BE-88253 - Antwerp

© Uitg. Thill

BE-88253 sent by pretfles 

From this multiview card Antwerp seems a beutiful city.

"Antwerp (Dutch: Antwerpen, French: Anvers) is a city and municipality in Belgium and the capital of the Antwerp province of Flanders. Antwerp's total population is 507,007 (as of 31 December 2011), making it the largest municipality in both Flanders and Belgium in terms of its population. Its total area is 204.51 km2 (78.96 sq mi), giving a population density of 2,308 inhabitants per km². The metropolitan area, including the outer commuter zone, covers an area of 1,449 km2 (559 sq mi) with a total of 1,190,769 inhabitants as of 1 January 2008. The inhabitants of Antwerp are locally nicknamed Sinjoren, after the Spanish honorific señor. It refers to the leading Spanish noblemen who ruled the city during the 17th century." In: Wikipedia


Spa resort in Sedmihorky - Czech Republic

© Pavel Vácha (photo) / Tisk Severografia Décín

used with postmark from 14-01-1987 (?), bought in Braga (Portugal)

Probably some family had some vacations on this Spa resort and sent a card to the relatives.

"In 19th century spring waters were discovered in Sedmihorky. They were believed to have curative properties so in 1842 small spa was opened there. From the second half of 19th century many distinguished guests came there to recreate, between others for instance famous czech writer Jan Neruda. Splendid surroundings and nearness of magnificent rock town inspired one of visitors to utter the memorable words: "Those rocks, it is a real paradise!" Since that time people speak and write about the Bohemian Paradise (Český ráj). The name later meant whole beautiful region. On place front of timbered colonnade in Sedmihorky is located memorial of doctor Antonín Šlechta, the founder of spa. The autor of the sculpture is Josef Václav Myslbek. " In: Czech Mountains 


GB-96167 - Victorian Advertisement of Rudge-Whitworth bicycles

© Gloucester

GB-96167 sent by ninaward22

A reproduction of an old advertise.

Info on the card: "In an age when bicycles were heavy, the Rudge-Whitworth looks effortless to use, which must have been appealing.
Victorian Advertisement by kind permission of Raleigh UK Ltd"


Castle Square in Warsaw (UNESCO) - Poland

© Krakowiak (photo) / Krysztof Gaszewski (proj.) / DDK Edition

RR Netherlands X World, G257, sent by likaa

"Warsaw's Castle Square (Polish: plac Zamkowy w Warszawie) is a historic square in front of the Royal Castle – the official residence of Polish monarchs – located in Warsaw, Poland. It is a popular meeting place for tourists and locals. The Square (in a more or less triangular shape) features landmark Sigismund's Column to the south-west, and is surrounded by historic townhouses. It marks the beginning of the bustling Royal Road extending to the south. " In: Wikipedia


S. Stephen Monastery in Bologna - Italy

© Cartovendita

unused, bought in Braga (Portugal)

This old postcard shows a detail of the sepulchre in the Basilica of S. Stephen Monastery.

"Santo Stefano's Basilica (Italian: Basilica di Santo Stefano) is a complex of religious edifices in the city of Bologna, Italy. Located in the eponymous square, it is locally known as Sette Chiese ("Seven Churches").

According to tradition, it was built by Saint Petronius, who was bishop of the city during the 5th century, over a temple of the goddess Isis. The church of St. John the Baptist (or of the Holy Crucifix) dates from the 8th century, while that of the Holy Sepulchre from the 5th (renovated in the 12th century), as well as that of San Vitale ed Agricola (renovated in the 8th and 11th centuries). A 13th century portico known as "Pilatus' court" connects the other buildings to the church of the Holy Trinity (13th century). " In: Wikipedia


NL-386363 - Greatings from Northern Holland

© Uitgeverij van der Meulein

NL-386363 sent by Wito 

A multiview from Northern Holland.


Coves dels Hams in Porto Cristo, Mallorca - Spain

© ?

unused, offered by Liliana

"The Coves dels Hams (English: "Fishhook Caves") are a Solutional cave system on the east coast of the Spanish Balearic Island of Mallorca. The caves are in the municipality of Manacor, about 1 kilometer to the west of the town of Porto Cristo.

Together with the Porto Cristo's other cave system, the Coves dels Drach ("Cavern of the Dragon"), the Coves Dels Hams are a popular tourist attraction in the eastern region of the island." In: Wikipedia


Awash Falls at Awash National Park (UNESCO) - Ethiopia

© Pavel Mikes


"The terrain of Awash National Park is predominantly grassland and acacia woodland. The park is located at a distance of 225 kilometers to the east of Addis Ababa. The national park is spread over an area of 30 kilometers. A visit to Awash National Park from Addis Ababa enables the tourists to observe the unique African wildlife. A variety of birds are also observed." In: Maps of World
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