Uracher waterfall, Bad Urach - Germany

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"The Urach waterfall is located on the southwestern outskirts of Bad Urach in Maisental, a tributary of Erin. On the edge of the Swabian Alb springs the source of the Brühl Bach. This is the waterfall plunges 37 meters into the deep free, opens on a Kalktuffstufe and flows about 50 meters from a steeply sloping mossy Kalktuffpolster. Depending on the amount of water formed are several water channels, which then continue to flow together and as Brühlbach.

The distribution of the water source varies depending on weather and season of around 70 l / s, for example, in high summer, up to 420 l / s after heavy rains or melting snow." In: Waymarking
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