Buddha at Borobudur - Indonesia

This beautiful card shows the Buddha at Borobudur, Central Jave, Indonesia. This local is a UNESCO world heritage site. A trade with Shinta.

"This famous Buddhist temple, dating from the 8th and 9th centuries, is located in central Java. It was built in three tiers: a pyramidal base with five concentric square terraces, the trunk of a cone with three circular platforms and, at the top, a monumental stupa. The walls and balustrades are decorated with fine low reliefs, covering a total surface area of 2,500 m2. Around the circular platforms are 72 openwork stupas, each containing a statue of the Buddha. The monument was restored with UNESCO's help in the 1970s." In: UNESCO


Ernie from the Sesame Street - Netherlands

© Sesame Workshop

NL-946832 sent by "sassienanny"

When I was a child, I was a fan of the Sesame Street! I loved the show! So it was a great surprise to receive this postcard with Ernie.

"Ernie is a fictional character, a Muppet on the Public Broadcasting Service's long-running children's television show, Sesame Street. He and his roommate Bert form a comic duo that is one of the program's centerpieces, with Ernie acting the role of the naïve troublemaker and Bert the world-weary foil. Ernie's birthday is March 28." In: Wikipedia


Braga's Municipal Stadium - Portugal

"Estádio Municipal de Braga (English: Braga Municipal Stadium) is a football stadium in Braga, Portugal, with an all-seated capacity of 30,154, built in 2003 as the new home for local club Sporting Clube de Braga, and as a UEFA Euro 2004 venue. Its architect was Portuguese Eduardo Souto de Moura. The stadium is also known as A Pedreira (The Quarry), as it is carved into the face of the adjacent Monte Castro quarry." In: Wikipedia


National Geographic Channel - Brazil

An add card of the World Premier of a dinosaurs show on National Geographic Channel, sent by Paloma


Tibetan folklore (II) - China

Another postcard from the collection "Tibetan Folklore", swap with by Chiu-Chiu.


III Postcrossing Christmas Meeting in Coimbra 10-12-2011


This year the Christmas Postcrossing Meeting was in Coimbra. It rainned a lot, but we were able to buy and sent some cards! The one above was sent by me.


Merry Christmas - Portugal

"Merry Christmas" postcard sent by Cristina.


"Peace" - Portugal

Christmas postcard sent by my dentist named "Peace".

Merry Christmas to all of you!


Marmot - France

© Foto: J. Fecci - K. Auchart

At last, but not least, the last card from the Alien RR. These marvelous marmots were sent by "octabis".

"The marmots are a genus, Marmota, of squirrels. There are 14 species in this genus.

Marmots are generally large ground squirrels. Those most often referred to as marmots tend to live in mountainous areas such as the Alps, northern Apennines, Eurasian steppes, Carpathians, Tatras, and Pyrenees in Europe and northwestern Asia; the Rocky Mountains, Black Hills, Cascades, and Sierra Nevada in North America; and the Deosai Plateau in Pakistan and Ladakh in India. The groundhog, however, is also properly called a marmot, while the similarly sized but more social prairie dog is not classified in the genus Marmota but in the related genus Cynomys.

Marmots typically live in burrows (often within rockpiles, particularly in the case of the Yellow-bellied marmot), and hibernate there through the winter. Most marmots are highly social, and use loud whistles to communicate with one another, especially when alarmed.

Marmots mainly eat greens and many types of grasses, berries, lichens, mosses, roots and flowers." In: Wikipedia


Peanuts - Netherlands

© United Feature Syndicate, published by Wallmark

Another card from the Alien RR. This funny card from the Peanuts was sent from Tjitske.


Iguaçu Falls - Brazil

© Mercator do Paraná

This Hotel ("Hotel das Cataratas") has an amazing view towards the Iguaçu Falls (UNESCO world heritage site)! It really seams a great spot! From a trade with Sapic12.


LT-167763 - TV Tower

© Foto: Antanas Varanka

LT-167763 sent by "in_in"

"TV tower of Vilnius

Height - 326,7m, ferro-concret part - 190m. Observation deck and a bar "Pauksciu takas" ("Milky Way") - 165m. Mass - 25000t. Duration of building - 1974-1980."


Maid of The Mist Boat Tour - Canada

This is a river cruise that I want to make someday! It would be magnificent to see and hear the Niagara Falls from the river.

"Maid of The Mist Boat Tour
A world class attraction since 1846

The most exciting way to see Niagara Falls is aboard the world famous Maid of The Mist boat. From no other place are the Falls so magnificent."


Penguin family - Germany

© blickwinkel - F. Poelking, published by Tushita

This marvelous penguin family came from dogma7911, via Alien RR. It has a special postmark of 11-11-2011.


Matterhorn - Switzerland

© Klopfenstein

This amazing view of Matterhorn (Mt. Cervin) was sent by Grace from the Alien RR. This beautiful mountain is located at the border of Switzerland and Italy.


Sitiados - Portugal

"Sitiados", sent by pilotone

Sitiados was the name of a portuguese band from the 1990's.


Ruins of São Miguel das Missões - Brazil

© Photo by Eneida Serrano

As a prize of a game at the Postcrossing Forum, Karina sent this postcard showing the Ruins of São Miguel das Missões (a UNESCO WHS), in Rio Grande do Sul.


Elves Chasm waterfall - USA

© Steve Miller

"Adobe" also participated at the Alien RR, and this was her choice: a great view of Colorado River, with one of the many waterfalls in Elves Chasm, inside the Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona. (UNESCO WHS)

"The Grand Canyon from below
Running the Colorado River

Mile 116.6 The first fall is perhaps the best of several in Elves Chasm. Maidenhair fern clings to the rock."


Busselton - Australia

© Photo Cards Australia

As a lottery prize, Vikki sent this multiview of Busselton, Western Australia.

"Busselton is a popular holiday destination 230km south of Perth. The 2km Busselton Jetty is reputed to be the longest timber jetty in Australia"


Penguins - Germany

From the Alien RR, Anja sent this beautiful painting with penguins. The author is Ryosuke Nishioka.


NL-892183 - Map card of Drenthe

© Uitgeverij van der Meulen bv Sneek

NL-892183 sent by "Yvonne91"

"Drenthe  is a province of the Netherlands, located in the north-east of the country. The capital city is Assen. It is bordered by Overijssel to the south, Friesland to the west, Groningen to the north, and Germany (districts of Emsland and Bentheim) to the east." In: Wikipedia


II Postcrossing Meeting in Bielefeld - Germany

Today is the Portuguses Postcrossing Christmas Meeting in Coimbra! I'm very excited to meet my friend once again and to visit the city.

Last month took place in Bielefeld, Germany, the II Postcrossing Meeting! As usual, more than 50 Postcrossers went there from several countries: Germany, Portugal, Australia, Finland, Switzerland, Netherlands, Spain and France.

From that meeting came these great postcards signed by the presents:

© Photo and design by Ana

Sent by "geminiscp": traditional Christmas sweets

© Photo by Bernhard Fischen

Sent by "azzurri": a multiview from Münster

Sent by "dollart": The Einschlingen, the hostel

© Photo by D. Fernandez & M. Peck, published by Kartenedition

Sent by "anjaaustel": beautiful penguins

From Tjitske: one of the 30 motives of the book "Rot"

© Mauritius images/age

From Isa: a great waterfall


DE-1134545 - The Godafoss

DE-1134545 sent by "peking_in_15_tagen"

This great waterfall was sent from Germany but shows The Godafoss ("Falls of The Gods") in Iceland. It's my second card from that country, and both are waterfalls :D


New address - Finland

"Dollart" has moved to a new place and sent this postcard with the new address on it. Pretty cool idea!


The Wizarding World of Harry Potter - USA

© Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

What a great idea: make a Postcrossing Meeting on a Theme Park! "9teen87" went to this great meeting at Harry Potter's Theme Park ,Universal Studios in Orlando.


BY-231483 - Holy Dormition Kiev-Pechersk Lavra

BY-231483 sent by "Catherine8888"

This one was sent from Belarus, but the postcard shows the UNESCO world heritage site of Kiev-Pechersk Lavra in Ukraine.


Death by drowning is quick and silent - Portugal

© APSI, published by Postalfree

Last summer the APSI (Associação para a Promoção da Seguança Infantil - Association for Child Safety Promotion) made this free advertise postcard as an alert to the child deaths by drawning in pools, garden lakes, sea, etc. The front is in Portuguese and English. Offered by joaninha.


Liberty Island - USA

© City Merchandise

This is my first postcard of the Liberty Island and the Liberty Statue (UNESCO world heritage). Sent by Paul.


Thunersee - Switzerland

© Photoglob Zürich

A multiview of Thunersee sent by "buebemami" showing: Thun, Oberhofen, Gunten, Spiez, Sigriswil, Faulensee, Interlaken, Merligen.


World AIDS Day - Portugal

Today is World AIDS Day. Today we remind everyone that some diseases are transmitted by sexual relations such AIDS, HVP, syphilis...

A few years ago, a Portuguese Authority (Comissão Nacional de Luta Contra a SIDA) made a campaign for safe sex:


Mónica's InterRail (5) - Italy

At last, but not least, Italy:

© Mazzega Art & Design

© RotalSele

The first 2: multiviews of Venice (Venezia), UNESCO world heritage site.

© RotalSele

San Marco's Basilica in Venice.

© Mazzega Art & Design

A map card of Venice

© Edizioni Fenice

Duino Castle in Trieste


Mónica's InterRail (4) - Czech Republic

From Prague (Czech Republic) she bought some multiviews:

© Dimart

© Dimart

© Dimart


Mónica's InterRail (3) - Poland

From Poland, 3 postcards of Cracow (Krakow):

© KINA Italia

© Photo by Wojciech Gorgolewski, published by Margo

The first two postcards show the Wawel Castle.

© Artur Gawin, published by Scan Art

This postcard was actually sent from Cracow and it arrived one day after Mónica's arrival back in Portugal. It shows a few aspects of Cracow:The Town Hall Tower and the Cloth Hall, the Florian's Gate, the Juliusz Slowacki Theatre, the Barbican.


Mónica's InterRail (2) - Austria

From Austria she gave me:

Published by Verlag C. Bauer

A multiview of Vienna: Parlament, Hofburg, Rathaus, Stephansdom, Riesenrad, Staatsoper, Belvedere Palace.

Photo by Barbara Koch, published by Verlag C. Bauer

Some aspects of Schönbrunn Palace, a UNESCO world heritage site.


Mónica's InterRail (1) - Hungary

Mónica is friend and is also a college at my work. We also participate as volunteers in some events related to cancer. This year she made an InterRail travel at some European countries. She also likes postcards and she bought me a few from each country. From Hungary she gave me:

Published by ARS UNA Studio

A multiview postcard with some places from Hungary: Esztergom, Debrecen, Hévíz, Pécs, Keszthely, Budapest and Sopron.

Published by ARS UNA Studio

A multiview postcard of Budapest.

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