Most viewed in August 2012

The top 3 of the most viewed posts in August of 2012 are:

1 - Braga's Municipal Stadium - Portugal, posted in 2011-12-29

2 - Church of the Holy Family in Barcelona - Spain, posted in 2012-05-24

3 - Map of Discoveries - Portugal, posted in 2011-07-01

Salt pond in Rio Maior - Portugal

© Oficina e Casa de Artesanato "O Poço"

sent by "leninha", a salt evaporation pond in Rio Maior

"Salt evaporation ponds, also called salterns or salt pans, are shallow artificial ponds designed to produce salts from sea water or other brines. The seawater or brine is fed into large ponds and water is drawn out through natural evaporation which allows the salt to be subsequently harvested. The ponds also provide a productive resting and feeding ground for many species of waterbirds, which may include endangered species. The ponds are commonly separated by levees." In: Wikipedia


RU-758742 - Snowy forest at Arkhangelsk region

© ?

RU-758742 sent by "Olya117", a snowy forest at Arkhangelsk region

"Arkhangelsk, formerly known in English as Archangel, is a city and the administrative center of Arkhangelsk Oblast, Russia. It lies on both banks of the Northern Dvina River near its exit into the White Sea, in the north of European Russia. The city spreads for over 40 kilometers (25 mi) along the banks of the river and numerous islands of its delta. Arkhangelsk was the chief seaport of medieval Russia, until 1703. It is served by the Talagi Airport and a smaller Vaskovo Airport. The city is located at the northern end of a 1,133-kilometer (704 mi) long railway, connecting it to Moscow via Vologda and Yaroslavl. Population: 348,783 (2010 Census)." In: Wikipedia


Bryggen in Bergen - Norway (UNESCO)

© Photo: Aune Forlag / Ole P. Rorvik

sent by "dollart"

"Bryggen, the old wharf of Bergen, is a reminder of the town’s importance as part of the Hanseatic League’s trading empire from the 14th to the mid-16th century. Many fires, the last in 1955, have ravaged the characteristic wooden houses of Bryggen. Its rebuilding has traditionally followed old patterns and methods, thus leaving its main structure preserved, which is a relic of an ancient wooden urban structure once common in Northern Europe. Today, some 62 buildings remain of this former townscape." In: UNESCO


FI-1497597 - "A Greek Drama" by Kaj Stenvall

© Kaj Stenvall / Putinki

FI-1497597 sent by "evagot"

Another great work from Kaj Stenvall, called "A Greek Drama" (2010).


HR-29886 - National Park Kornati

© ?

HR-29886 sent by "biancaneve"

"In the central part of the Croatian Adriatic, on the meeting point of Šibenik and Zadar islands, a separate and by many a specific group of islands, called Kornati, is situated.

Because of its exceptional landscape beauty, interesting geomorphology, diversity of the coastline and especially because of the rich biocoenoses of the marine ecosystem, greater part of the Kornati maritime zone has been declared a national park in 1980.

Today NP “Kornati” occupies an area of about 220 km2 and it includes 89 islands, islets and cliffs, alltogether with a coastline about 238 km long. Despite this relatively large number of islands the continental part of the park forms only 1 of the total area, while everything else belongs to the marine ecosystem." In: Kornati


US-1502037 - "Birds" by Charley Harper

© Estate of Charkey Harper / Pomegranate

US-1502037 sent by"The_Flutist" 

"Charley Harper (August 4, 1922 - June 10, 2007) was a Cincinnati-based American Modernist artist. He was best known for his highly stylized wildlife prints, posters and book illustrations.

Born in Frenchton, West Virginia in 1922, Harper's upbringing on his family farm influenced his work to his last days. He left his farm home to study art at the Art Academy of Cincinnati, and won the academy’s first Stephen H. Wilder Traveling Scholarship. While at the Academy, and supposedly on the first day, Charley met fellow artist Edie Mckee, whom he would marry shortly after graduation in 1947." In: Wikipedia


The Freedom Monument in Riga - Latvia (UNESCO)

© Valts Kleins Fotostudija

Sent by Sanita

"The Freedom Monument (Latvian: Brīvības piemineklis) is a memorial located in Riga, Latvia honouring soldiers killed during the Latvian War of Independence (1918–1920). It is considered an important symbol of the freedom, independence, and sovereignty of Latvia. Unveiled in 1935, the 42-metre (138 ft) high monument of granite, travertine, and copper often serves as the focal point of public gatherings and official ceremonies in Riga." In: Wikipedia

It's located at the Historic Center of Riga (UNESCO)


PL-210858 - Mariacka Street in Gdansk

© Witold Wegrzyn

PL-210858 sent by "ewa2706"

"Gdańsk is a Polish city on the Baltic coast, at the center of the country's fourth-largest metropolitan area.

The city lies on the southern edge of Gdańsk Bay (of the Baltic Sea), in a conurbation with the city of Gdynia, spa town of Sopot, and suburban communities, which together form a metropolitan area called the Tricity (Trójmiasto), with a population near 740,000. Gdańsk itself has a population of 455,830 (June 2010), making it the largest city in the Pomerania region of Northern Poland.

Gdańsk is Poland's principal seaport as well as the capital of the Pomeranian Voivodeship. It is also historically the largest city of the Kashubian region. The city is close to the former late medieval/modern boundary between West Slavic and Germanic lands and it has a complex political history with periods of Polish rule, periods of German rule, and extensive self-rule, with two spells as a free city. It has been part of modern Poland since 1945." In: Wikipedia


Eilean Donan Castle in Scotland - United Kingdom

© Roman Michnowicz

Sent by joana122, a fantastic view of this castle!

"As one of the most iconic images of Scotland, Eilean Donan is recognised all around the world. Situated on an island at the point where three great sea lochs meet, and surrounded by some majestic scenery, it is little wonder that the castle is now one of the most visited and important attractions in the Scottish highlands.

Although first inhabited around the 6th century, the first fortified castle was built in the mid 13th century and stood guard over the lands of Kintail. Since then, at least four different versions of the castle have been built and re-built as the feudal history of Scotland unfolded through the centuries.

Partially destroyed in a Jacobite uprising in 1719, Eilean Donan lay in ruins for the best part of 200 years until Lieutenant Colonel John MacRae-Gilstrap bought the island in 1911 and proceeded to restore the castle to its former glory. After 20 years of toil and labour the castle was re-opened in 1932. " In: Eilean Donan Castle


RU-72492 - Musical fountain in Saint Petersburg

© ?

RU-72492 sent by "PerfectRadish"

This fountain is located at Moskovsky Prospec (Moskovsky Avenue) just in front of The House of Soviets.

"The House of Soviets (Russian: Дом Советов, Dom Sovetov) is the office building built in Stalinist style in the late 1930s in Saint Petersburg (then Leningrad). It is located in the Moskovsky District of Saint Petersburg.

According to Soviet projects, the House of Soviets was planned to host the administration of Soviet Leningrad government. The location was chosen on undeveloped south outskirts of the city away from the downtown area which was prone to frequent floods. The construction was completed just before the Nazi invasion of Soviet Union at the beginning of World War II, and the building was never used for the intended purpose. In 1941, it was fortified and used as a local command post for Soviet Red Army during the Siege of Leningrad. Surviving reminders of that stronghold are small bunkers built from a reinforced concrete which still stand at several corners of the House of Soviets. Later, the building housed the Soviet research institute which focused on the design of electronic components for military objects. Among the notable engineers who worked there are two post-World War II defectors from the US, Alfred Sarant and Joel Barr. Currently, the office space in the building is rented out to various businesses.

A square in front of the House of Soviets is called Moscow Square (Moskovskaya Ploshad). During a construction of the subway station Moskovskaya in 1970, the square was remodelled and upgraded with a massive monument to Vladimir Lenin designed by Mikhail Anikushin. In 2006, several fountain features were added at the square." In: Wikipedia


The Fraumünster Abbey in Zurich - Switzerland

© Advision AG

unused, offered by Grace

"The Fraumünster abbey (lit. in English: [Our] Lady Minster) in Zurich was founded in 853 by Louis the German for his daughter Hildegard. He endowed the Benedictine convent with the lands of Zurich, Uri, and the Albis forest, and granted the convent immunity, placing it under his direct authority." In: Wikipedia


Map of Friesland - Netherlands

© Uitgeverij van der Meulen

Sent by "Annerie"

"Friesland or Frisia is a province in the north of the Netherlands and part of the ancient, larger region of Frisia.

Friesland has 646,000 inhabitants (2010) and its capital is Leeuwarden (West Frisian: Ljouwert), with 91,817 inhabitants, in the centre of the province." In: Wikipedia


FI-1406287 - Shake it, baby!

© Jim Davis / Paws / Hallmark Cards

FI-1406287 sent by "artlover" 

One of the few things that makes Garfield do something!!! :D


RU-918615 - Krasnodar Philarmonic Society

© ?

RU-918615 sent by "vla-fabio"

"The Krasnodar Philharmonic Society was created on May 10, 1939.

Such renowned masters of the arts, as Lyudmila Zykina, Joseph Kobzon, Boris Shtokolov, Zurab Sotkilava, Nikolay Petrov, Anna Netrebko, and Valery Gergiev performed on the stage of the Krasnodar Philharmonic Society.

Today the Krasnodar Philharmonic Society is one of the major concert organizations in the south of Russia, possessing a vast creative potential, and enriched with achievements of a modern concert practice, continues the best traditions of the Russian philharmonic business. In 2007, by the order of the governor of the region — A.N.Tkachev, the Krasnodar Philharmonic Society was named after an outstanding Russian composer, a national artist of the USSR — G.F.Ponomarenko, whose life and career have been connected with Kuban for more than a quarter of a century. In 2009, the Krasnodar Philharmonic Society celebrates its 70th anniversary.

The more detailed and updated information is available at the official website of the Krasnodar Region's Department of Culture — "The Culture of Kuban" " In: Krasnodar


PT-234774 - Óbidos Castle

© Forways

PT-234774 sent by "nunoftferreira" 

I've been in Óbidos two time! Is a lovely village, specially during the Chocolate Festival! 

"Each July Óbidos castle hosts a traditional Medieval Market. For two weeks the castle and the surrounding town recreate the spirit of medieval Europe.

Flowing banners and heraldic flags set the mood together with hundreds of entertainers and stall holders dressed as merchants, jugglers, jesters, wandering minstrels, soldiers and more. Visitors can shop at the traditional handcrafts fair or watch medieval shows, horse displays and a costumed parade that winds its way through the streets. There are also displays of jousting knights and armed combat.

Spit roasted hog, hearty soups, rabbit, lamb, cod, quail, sausages and other grilled meats are just some of the many medieval style meals on offer from dozens of "taverns" and stalls spread throughout the market. Drinking from pewter tankards and eating from wooden trencher all adds to the experience." In: Wikipedia


Waterfall - Indonesia

© Locust Enterprises

Sent by Shinta, a peaceful waterfall.

"Thank you
We make a living by what we get,
But we make a life by what we give.
You made a difference."


BY-427689 - Ducklings

© A. Miadzvedz

BY-427689 sent by "Valus", lots of little ducks.


"Tintureiro" (1942) by Candido Portinari - Brazil

© ?

Sent by "andreaeiko" from the 12th Postcrossing Meeting in São Paulo (11/03/2012)

"Candido Portinari (December 29, 1903 - February 6, 1962) was one of the most important Brazilian painters and also a prominent and influential practitioner of the neo-realism style in painting.

Born to Giovan Battista Portinari and Domenica Torquato, Italian immigrants from Veneto, in a coffee plantation near Brodowski, in São Paulo, Portinari studied at the Escola Nacional de Belas Artes (ENBA) in Rio de Janeiro. In 1928 he won a gold medal at the ENBA and a trip to Paris where he stayed until 1930, when he returned to Brazil." In: Wikipedia


FI-1401614 - Harbor seal at Sealife in Helsinki

© Sealife

FI-1401614 sent by pampula

"The harbor (or harbour) seal (Phoca vitulina), also known as the common seal, is a true seal found along temperate and Arctic marine coastlines of the Northern Hemisphere. The most widely distributed of pinniped (walruses, eared seals, and true seals), they are found in coastal waters of the northern Atlantic and Pacific oceans, the Baltic and North Seas.

Harbor seals are brown, tan, or gray, with distinctive V-shaped nostrils. An adult can attain a length of 1.85 meters (6.1 ft) and a mass of 132 kilograms (290 lb). Females outlive males (30–35 years versus 20–25 years). Harbor seals stick to familiar resting spots or haulout sites, generally rocky areas (although ice, sand and mud may also be used) where they are protected from adverse weather conditions and predation, near a foraging area. Males may fight over mates underwater and on land. Females bear a single pup, which they care for alone. Pups are able to swim and dive within hours of birth, developing quickly on their mothers' fat-rich milk. Blubber under their skins helps to maintain body temperature." In: Wikipedia


RU-924805 - The Korbu Waterfall (UNESCO)

© Pavel Filatov

RU-924805 sent by "Dramatyrg"

"Korbu Waterfall received the status of Special Nature Zone and is located on the territory of the Altai State Nature Park (included on the UNESCO world nature heritage list). Therefore the waterfall receives many tourists. Without the waterfall there wouldn't be so many visitors on Lake Teletskoye. The waterfall is 12 meters high.

In summertime it attracts tens of thousands of tourists. Each has to pay a tax but this is not enough to solve the problems of the pressure of men on the natural site. The direction of Altai State Nature Park is thinking about maybe occasionally closing the site to tourists." In: BaikalNature


A Bug's Life - Portugal

© Disney Enterprise / Pixar Animation / Jason Katz (concept art)

Sent by Flora

One of the characters from the movie A Bug's Life from Disney / Pixar.

"A Bug's Life is a 1998 American computer-animated comedy-adventure film produced by Pixar Animation Studios and directed by John Lasseter. Co-directed by Andrew Stanton, the film involves a misfit ant, Flik, who is looking for "warriors" to save his colony from greedy grasshoppers. Flik recruits a group of bugs that turn out to be an inept circus troupe. Randy Newman composed the music for the film, which stars the voices of Dave Foley, Kevin Spacey, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and Hayden Panettiere.

The film is a retelling of the Aesop's fable "The Ant and the Grasshopper" and began production shortly after the release of Toy Story in 1995. The screenplay was penned by Stanton and comedy writers Donald McEnery and Bob Shaw. The ants in the film were re-designed to be more appealing, and Pixar's animation unit employed new technical innovations in computer animation. During production, the filmmakers became embroiled in a public feud with DreamWorks SKG due to a similar film, Antz.

A Bug's Life was released to theaters in November 1998 by Walt Disney Pictures and was a box office success, surpassing competition and grossing $363,398,565 in receipts. The film received positive reviews from film critics, who commended the storyline and animation. The film has been released multiple times on home video, and its first DVD release was first wholly digital transfer of a feature film to a digital playback medium." In: Wikipedia


Map and views of Switzerland

Photoglob Zürich

Sent by "Carolisha"

This was one of the first cards from Switzerland. The postcard has the mao of Swtizerland in the center, sorrounded by some views of: Matterhorn, Bern, Monts Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau, St. Gallen, Rheinfall, Stoos, Zürich and Luzern.


RU-33517 - Cupolas of the Kremlin (UNESCO)

© Moscowcards

RU-33517 sent by "Nikitos"

"Inextricably linked to all the most important historical and political events in Russia since the 13th century, the Kremlin (built between the 14th and 17th centuries by outstanding Russian and foreign architects) was the residence of the Great Prince and also a religious centre. At the foot of its ramparts, on Red Square, St Basil's Basilica is one of the most beautiful Russian Orthodox monuments." In: UNESCO


CEC Palace in Bucharest - Romania

© Age Gallery Card Collection / George Avanu (photo)

unused, offered by Mónica Castro

"The CEC Palace (Romanian: Palatul C.E.C.) in Bucharest, Romania, built in 1900 and situated on Calea Victoriei opposite the National Museum of Romanian History, is the headquarters of the national savings bank C.E.C., nowadays called CEC Bank." In: Wikipedia


CZ-94594 - Horní Cerekev Castle

© Ing. Josef Ebr (photo & design)

CZ-94594 sent by "PepaEbr"

"Originally a fortress had plenty owners. In 2nd half of 16th century was the fort rebuilt in Renaissance style, later reconstruction was made in 1734th. Today the castle is a two-storey building, in private property, serves as the dwelling-house." In: Wikimapia

During the search I also some websites saying that this castle was for sale.


GB-84179 - Mountain rescue dog

© Royal Mail / Redpath (design) / Tim Flach (photo)

GB-84179 sent by "marbled"

This postcard is a reproduction of a stamp issued by the Royal Mail on 5 February 2008. It belongs to the Working Dogs series.


Jaroszowiec - Poland

© D. Kmiotek (photo)

unused, sent by likaa

The card shows some views of Jaroszowiec: the Sanatorium, pool and House of Culture. 


Map and views of Liechtenstein

© Citytrain

Sent by "carolisha", a map card of the country and some views of Vaduz Castle, Vaduz, Schaan, Triesen, Eschen and Triesenberg.


Weldon's Latest Novelties for November 1899 - Italy

This card was printed by "Elefantus". I believe that the image is a reproduction of and old issue of Weldon's Ladies Journal.


Church of Our Lady of Conception and Chapel of The Holy Cross in Covilhã - Portugal

© Edig


On the left is a photo of the Church of Our Lady of Conception , on the right side is the Chapel of The Holy Cross, both in Covilhã.

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