Church of St. Trophime, Arles - France (UNESCO WHS)

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Information on the back side: "The cloister of the church of Saint Trophimus (XIII and XIV centuries) - On the pillar angle of the two galleries Romanesque, Saint Paul, Saint Etienne and Saint Matthew."

This church in Arles belongs to the UNESCO WHS "Arles, Roman and Romanesque Monuments"

"The Church of St. Trophime (Trophimus) is a Roman Catholic church and former cathedral built between the 12th century and the 15th century in the city of Arles, in the Bouches-du-Rhône Department of southern France. The church is an important example of Romanesque architecture, and the sculptures over the portal, particularly the Last Judgement, and the columns in the adjacent cloister, are considered some of the finest examples of Romanesque sculpture.

The church was built upon the site of the 5th century basilica of Arles, named for St. Stephen. In the 15th century a Gothic choir was added to the Romanesque nave." In: Wikipedia
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