SS Elisabethville - Belgium

Éditions D'Art E. Stockmans & Co. Anvers

unused, bought in Braga (Portugal)

I've never stayed more than a day inside on a boat, and those I've been in only had a restaurant and no sleeping area. This shows the "Salon des Dames" (Ladies lounge area) inside the S.S. Elisabethville.

"Elisabethville was a 8,851 GRT ocean liner which was built in 1921 for Compagnie Belge Maritime du Congo. In 1930 the company became Compagnie Maritime Belge. She was used on the Antwerp - Matadi route.

In 1940, Elisabethville was requisitioned by the Ministry of War Transport (MoWT) for use as a troopship. She briefly returned to merchant service in 1946 before being requisitioned again in 1947 for further troopship duties, this time being renamed Empire Bure.

She was then laid up before being sold in 1950 to Charlton Steamship Co and was renamed Charlton Star. In 1958, she was sold to a Greek company and renamed Maristrella, serving until she was scrapped in 1960." In: Wikipedia

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