Spa resort in Sedmihorky - Czech Republic

© Pavel Vácha (photo) / Tisk Severografia Décín

used with postmark from 14-01-1987 (?), bought in Braga (Portugal)

Probably some family had some vacations on this Spa resort and sent a card to the relatives.

"In 19th century spring waters were discovered in Sedmihorky. They were believed to have curative properties so in 1842 small spa was opened there. From the second half of 19th century many distinguished guests came there to recreate, between others for instance famous czech writer Jan Neruda. Splendid surroundings and nearness of magnificent rock town inspired one of visitors to utter the memorable words: "Those rocks, it is a real paradise!" Since that time people speak and write about the Bohemian Paradise (Český ráj). The name later meant whole beautiful region. On place front of timbered colonnade in Sedmihorky is located memorial of doctor Antonín Šlechta, the founder of spa. The autor of the sculpture is Josef Václav Myslbek. " In: Czech Mountains 
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