BY-161750 -Red Deer at Bialowieza Forest (UNESCO)

© C.M. Пльіткевіч

BY-161750 sent by "Eygenie" 

I think that deer are a beautiful animal, although I don't like the winter colours of the fur...  Anyway, this lovely winter view of the Red Deer (Cervus elephus) came from Bialowieza Forest in Belarus.

"The Białowieża Primeval Forest is the last remaining primary deciduous and mixed forest of the European lowlands. Located on the watershed of the Baltic and Black seas, this immense forest range consisting of evergreens and broadleaved trees is the home of some remarkable animal life, including rare and interesting mammals. The park comprises about one-tenth of the entire Białowieża Primeval Forest, which has a wide range of flora and fauna typical of both Western and Eastern Europe." In: UNESCO
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