Ponta da Piedade in Lagos - Portugal


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Lagos is a lovely city, and this spot is one of my favorites! "Ponta da Piedade" is the name of the lighthouse and also the name of this small rocked bay in the bottom of the lighthouse.

"Ponta da Piedade is a lighthouse in a prominent position on the southern corner of the bay of Lagos. It is surrounded by bizarre rock formations and fascinating grottos.
This bizarre scenery with cliffs of up to 20 metres is especially impressive from the seaside. It is one of the most photographed motifs in the Algarve.

A great variety of shellfish and molluscs life in the warm and serene waters of the Costa d’Oiro, where this place belongs to. Discover the beauty of the nature, hidden bays and mysterious caverns.

The bay of Lagos with its white sandy beaches is the ideal place for all kinds of aquatic sports, e.g. wind surfing, sailing, diving and fishing.
How to access Ponta da Piedade:

From the seaside:
Sightseeing trips by sailing or small fishing boats are offered at the marina of Lagos.

From the country side:
By car to the southern point of the bay, then follow a pathway with steps carved into the cliffs." In: Algarve Portal
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