Lighthouse of Peninsula Serrano in Iquique - Chile

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"1878 (Barbier et Fenestre). Active; focal plane 39 m (128 ft); white flash every 12 s. 22 m (72 ft) slender cylindrical cast iron tower with four skeletal legs, painted with red and white bands (lantern red). A Navy photo appears at right, Patricia Santini has a 2011 photo, and the tower is centered in a Google satellite view. This lighthouse was built by the French firm Barbier et Fenestre for the government of Peru, which controlled the Iquique area at the time. The lighthouse was placed in operation in time to witness the naval Battle of Iquique in May 1879; later that year the city was conquered by Chilean forces. Declared a National Monument in 1986, this lighthouse is a rare surviving example of French lighthouse design. The lighthouse was carefully restored in 1993-95. Located on the Serrano Peninsula on the south side of the Bay of Iquique. The lighthouse is in the middle of the commerical port of Iquique, and the absence of photos suggests that this area is not open to the public. Site open, tower closed. ARLHS CHI-095; Admiralty G1974.3; NGA 1050." In: Lighhouses of Central and Nothern Chile
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