CN-397376 - The Imperial Palace in Shenyang

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CN-397376 sent by "ggdw", a view of The Imperial Palace in Shenyang

"Built in 1625 AD, otherwise known as "the Shengjing Palace", the Shenyang Imperial Palace was the initial royal palace of the Qing Dynasty established by the Manchu nobles. In 1644, the Qing Dynasty relocated its capital city to Beijing and the Shenyang Imperial Palace underwent renovations and became the emperor's traveling palace on his inspection tours to the northeast. After a number of large-scale renovations, the Shenyang Imperial Palace has been developed into the Shenyang Palace Museum. The two imperial palaces in Beijing and Shenyang jointly form the only two existing intact palace building complexes of the Ming and Qing Dynasties in China." In: Cultural-China
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