Moliceiro Boat in Aveiro - Portugal

© Grafipost

These beautiful boats are only found in Aveiro, a particular city with canals. This postcard was sent by PilotOne, hangman prize from the Postcrossing Forum.

"The Aveiro lagoon (Ria) is the scenery in which the "moliceiros" (boats that carry "moliço" – algae and water plants used as dung) move themselves, not being, however, the only boats that can be found there. In the beginning of the XX century, there were in this region four well defined types of work: the gathering of the "moliço", the exploitation of the salt-pans, the fluvial transportation of the maritime fishing and the river fishing, corresponding to each one of these activities, respectively, the "moliceiro", the "saleira" (a flat-bottomed boat used to transport salt), the "bateira mercantel" (small flat-bottomed river-boat), the two types of "bateiras"of Murtosa and the "bateira" of Ílhavo." In: Aveiro University
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