Ginja de Portugal - Portugal

© Ed. 19 de Abril

This postcard, sent by "verafpfonseca", shows a reproduction of an old advertise of a liqueur named "Ginja de Portugal". I love Ginja served in a coup of chocolate!

"Ginjinha or simply Ginja, is a liqueur made by infusing ginja berries, (sour cherry) (Prunus cerasus austera, the Morello cherry) in alcohol (aguardente is used) and adding sugar together with other ingredients. Ginjinha is served in a shot form with a piece of the fruit in the bottom of the cup. It is a favourite liqueur of many Portuguese and a typical drink in Lisbon, Alcobaça and Óbidos. Other regions produce ginja with protected designation of origin, for example the Ginja Serra da Estrela." In: Wikipedia
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