GB-319427 - St John Ambulance

© A Post Office Picture Card Series

GB-319427 sent by "han_cat"

I'm very happy with this card! It's absolutely the perfect health care postcard!

Information on the card:
"St John Ambulance 1887-1987 (First Aid in Wartime 1940)
Reproduced from a stamp designed by Debbie Cook and issued by The Post Office on 16 June 1987"

From Wikipedia:
"St John Ambulance, branded as St John in some territories, is a common name used by a number of affiliated organisations in different countries dedicated to the teaching and practice of medical first aid and the provision of ambulance services, all of which derive their origins from the St John Ambulance Association founded in 1877 in the United Kingdom. Each national group falls within the charge of a Priory or National Council of the Venerable Order of Saint John in which each Priory ranks alongside the others.

In several priories St John Ambulance has commercial sections or subsidiaries operating to generate surplus for charitable activities; these are structured much like other commercial bodies. The membership aspect of St John Ambulance is largely ranked, and members fall into a hierarchical structure of command. Ranks run from corporals, through sergeants and officers all the way up to high national ranks, but there is significant variation between Priories and it is hard to generalise the structure too much from an international perspective." In: Wikipedia
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