The Second Tower - San Marino

"On the second, and highest pinnacle of Mount Titano, 756 meters high, we find the Cesta Castle (also called Fratta). Built at the end of the XI century, this too has a pentagonal floor plan. The Second Towerhoused the Fortification Guards Division as well as some prison cells. Around the end of the XVI century, when the tower was no longer of strategic importance, it fell into disuse. In 1930, as a result of the construction of the Rimini - San Marino railroad, it was decided to restorate the medieval monuments in order to stimulate turism. 

Today the Cesta Tower houses the Museum of Archaic Arms, which contains approximately 535 pieces including: sidearms, spears and lances, firearms, bows and arrows, crossbows and coats of armour, all dating back to various periods from the Middle Ages to the end of 1800. The rest of the collection, which totals more than 1550 pieces, can be found in the "Center for the Study of Military Arms from the Middle Ages to the 1800's" in Borgo Maggiore.
 " In: San Marino Site
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