Bom Jesus Sanctuary, Braga

unused, made from cork

The Bom Jesus do Monte Sanctuary (The Good Jesus of the Mont Sanctuary) and it's surrounded areas are one of my favorite places in Braga, my hometown. This is a partial view of the staircase and the front of the church.

"The Sanctuary is a notable example of pilgrimage site with a monumental, Baroque stairway that climbs 116 metres (381 feet). It is an important tourist attraction of Braga. [...] The design of the Sanctuary of Bom Jesus, with its Baroque nature emphasised by the zigzag form of its stairways, influenced many other sites in Portugal (like Lamego) and colonial Brazil, like the Sanctuary of Congonhas. As the pilgrims climbed the stairs, (by tradition encouraged to do so on their knees) they encountered a theological programme that contrasted the senses of the material world with the virtues of the spirit, at the same time as they experienced the scenes of the Passion of Christ. The culmination of the effort was the temple of God, the church on the top of the hill. The presence of several fountains along the stairways give the idea of purification of the faithful.
The new church (built 1784–1834) by Carlos Amarante was one of the first Neoclassic churches of Portugal." In: Wikipedia
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