Nova Lisboa - Angola

I found this used card on a store in Braga. It shows a swimming pool in Nova Lisboa, Angola. The postcard has a postmark dated from 08-08-1962.

"Huambo, formerly Nova Lisboa ("New Lisbon" in Portuguese), is the capital of Huambo province in Angola.[...] After independence from Portugal in 1975, Nova Lisboa was given back its original name - Huambo. The Angolan Civil War (1975–2002) halted Angola's and Huambo's development, destroying a great part of its infrastructure. [...] The death of Jonas Savimbi in February 2002 and the subsequent signature of a new cease-fire brought back tranquility to the Province and set the conditions for the present ongoing peace process and the beginning of an era of development. The advent of peace brought a new era of reconstruction and regeneration." In Wikipedia
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