Peneda-Gerês National Park - Portugal

Peneda-Gerês National Park was the first protect area to be classified as a National Park. It was created in 8 May 1971 and still until today as the first and only Portuguse National Park, although there are other several protected areas. This Park is located in the northwest of Portugal and crosses 3 districts: Braga, Viana do Castelo and Vila Real. The Peneda -Gerês National Park is also at the border of Spain. Those two cards are pretty old and one is in bad condition... They were bought by my parents. I've been there several times and I still love to there!

"The park comprises a ridge of mountains — Peneda, Soajo, Amarela, and Gerês. These form a barrier between the sea shore plains to its west and the plateaus to the east. The highest peaks are Nevosa (1,545 m) and Altar dos Cabrões (1,538 m) [...] The valleys have an exuberant display of vegetation. The most common are several oak species (Pedunculate oak, Pyrenean oak, Portuguese oak, and others), Portugal laurels, Holly,strawberry trees, and birches; also, next to rivers, yews and silver birches. Some woods, such as Albergaria and Cabril, are notably well preserved. [...] Wolves and Golden Eagles, seen as a threat to livestock, were almost eradicated due to hunting. They have been protected by law since the end of the 20th century. Some other, relatively numerous, wild species include mammals, such as roe deers, wild boars, European otters, wild cats, beech and pine martens, and red squirrels; birds such as red kites, common buzzards, eagle owls, falcons, and whinchats; reptiles such as vipers, water snakes, and Schreiber's green lizards; and amphibians such as newts, salamanders and disc-tongued frogs. Worthy of mention are the garrano, a breed of small horses." In Wikipedia
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