More birthday gifts from Switzerland

From Switzerland arrived more postcards as birthday gifts!! I'm really happy!!

My dear Alexie sent me this funny card of a dog holding perch of birds. My dog is not able to do that... The same for Alexie's dogs :D

Thank you Alex!

My Swiss-Italian Grace sent me an envelope full of cards :D

This night view, shows the Castelgrande in Bellinzona. This castle is one of the tree castles that belongs to the UNESCO heritage site of Town of Bellinzona.
"The site of the Castelgrande has been fortified since at least the late 1st century BC and until the 13th century it was the only fortification in Bellinzona. During its history the castle has been known as the stronghold (before the 13th century), the Old Castle in the 14–15th centuries,Un Castle after 1506 and Saint Michael's Castle from 1818." In Wikipedia

This card shows the Zähringer fountain and Zeitglochen tower, in the Old City of Berne also UNESCO. "Founded in the 12th century on a hill site surrounded by the Aare River, Berne developed over the centuries in line with a an exceptionally coherent planning concept. The buildings in the Old City, dating from a variety of periods, include 15th-century arcades and 16th-century fountains. Most of the medieval town was restored in the 18th century but it has retained its original character." In UNESCO

These mountains and the moon make an excellent view!! On this card are the Mountains Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau (Jungfrau is UNESCO) in Berner Oberland.
This peaceful and quiet place is Arosa. "Arosa is a municipality in the district of  Plessur in the canton  
of Graubünden in Switzerland. It is known for being both a summer and a winter resort." In Wikipedia 
I would go there on both seasons...

Klosters "is a popular ski location and the slopes are easily accessible via a large cable car." In Wikipedia
This huge cable car is not for those who have afraid of heights...

This waterfall is at the Uper Rhine near Schaffhausen. "They are 150 m (450 ft) wide and 23 m (75 ft) high. In the winter months, the average water flow is 250 m³/s, while in the summer, the average water flow is 700 m³/s. The highest flow ever measured was 1,250 m³/s in 1965; and the lowest, 95 m³/s in 1921.
The falls cannot be climbed by fish, except by eels that are able to worm their way up over the rocks." In Wikipedia

Al last, but not least, a card from  Valposchiavo showing the Lago della Crocetta at Ospizio Bernina (Bernina Pass) mountain.

Thank you Grace :D
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