AU-40996 - Minnamurra Rainforest

From Australia came the AU-40996 postcard showing an amazing waterfall at Minnamurra Rainforest. I love waterfalls and this was my first card received from Postcrossing with a waterfall.

The Minnamurra Rainforest is a multi award winning attraction located in Budderoo National Park, a short fifteen minute drive west of Kiama past the village of Jamberoo (off Tourist Drive No: 9). Visitors can experience the spender and beauty of this rare remnant of subtropical and warm temperate rainforests which is representative of the once extensive rainforests of the Illawarra region.
Visitors regularly see first hand the fauna of the area such as the normally allusive Lyrebird, the Eastern Water Dragons, Swamp Wallabies and a host of bird species which make Minnamurra their home. In: http://www.kiama.com.au/accom_result1/minnamurra-rainforest/
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