Waterfalls in Auvergne region - France

The Auvergne region has some gorgeous waterfalls!!

© Éditions Valoire-Estel-Blois

From top to bottom clockwise:

- Mont-Dore Great Waterfall
- Rossignolet Waterfall
- Plat Fall
- The Jump of the trout (Le Saut de la Truite) (Cantal)
- Saillant Waterfall
- Vaucoux Waterfall

© Photos: J. Damasse, Charles, P. Soissons, Y. Bos

- The Great Waterfall
- Enval
- Barth
- Saillant
- Vancoup
- Dore waterfall
- Rossignolet.

Both cards nused, sent by "geminiscp"

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