Poço do Inferno, Serra da Estrela - Portugal

© Postais Serra da Estrela

Sent by "Blicas Blocas"

"By going through the Inferno Well Route we can see a dualism of landscape, humanized and natural, marked by different kinds of vegetation, with hardwoods and softwoods forests, where the senses arouse different emotions along the trail.

Due to the higher schistose peaks, formed by corneal rocks (phenomenon that occurs when the plastic and hot magma rises through pre-existents rocks), predominate steeps landscapes, where water lines emerge like the Poço do Inferno (Inferno Well) cascade. This natural waterfall is about 10 meters high and sometimes turns into ice during the more stringent winter.

It’s a geological monument with an extreme beauty and one of the most interesting points of this route, being one of the ex-libris of Manteigas and Serra da Estrela (Star Mountain). " In: Manteigas Trilhos Verdes

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