US-2083527 - Colorado

I have two postcards with the same ID US-2083527... The first one arrived during my vacations without any ID. The user "US-Ilovepostcards" sent me a message with the missing ID but also sent a second postcard...

The first one shows the Crystal Mill and the second the natural landscape of Colorado.

© Glenn Randall (photo) / Smith-Southwestern

Information on the back side: "Crystal Mill, also known as the Lost Horse or Dead Horse Mill, was a hydroelectric power generator for mining equipment and machinery near town of Crystal, Colorado. Crystal was founded by prospectors in 1880, and at the height of mining in 1886, it had seven working silver mines and about 400 residents."

© Photos: Neil Purret, Ken Ringer / Smith-Southwestern

Information on the back side: "Formed millions of years ago by volcanoes, glaciers and other natural forces, the Colorado landscape is an awe-inspiring blend of mountains, lakes, forests and plains."
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