Snakes and Ladders Exhibition at Singapore Philatelic Museum - Singapore

Every year the Singapore Philatelic Museum organize an exhibition with the animals of the chinese zodiac year. To do that, they invite all the people around the world to send a postcard related to the theme. This is the thank they sent me to thank my contribution.

© Singapore Philatelic Museum

Sent by Singapore Philatelic Museum

" "Snakes and Ladders" exhibition
Date: 1 February - September 2013
Did you know that snakes cannot move backwards and they have very poor hearing? With limited eyesight and hearing, snakes have developed a very good sensing tongue.

Snakes are reptiles. Evidence indicates that snakes evolved from lizards. To adapt to living underground, the legs became unnecessary. The movable eyelids became transparent covers and snakes lost their external eardrum. Like all reptiles, snakes have scaly skins to prevent them from drying up. There are about 3,000 species of snakes. They are cold-blooded and depend on external heat to keep alive. So, many snakes are found in warmer tropical areas.

Find out interesting facts and myths of this scaly but not slimy creature in the Children's Gallery. The exhibition is held in conjunction with the zodiac year of the snake." In: SPM

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