Paintings at Lascaux caves - France (UNESCO WHS)

© N. Aujoulat (photo) / Edition Office du Turisme de la Dordogne

Unused, sent by Sapic12

"The walls of Lascaux are covered in painted, drawn and engraved animals on the ancient stone, which proved difficult to reach. Scholars calculated that the ground was a different shape 17,000 years ago, so that the paintings on the walls were much easier to reach. The ground had sunk deeper and deeper over the years and made it hard gain access to the prehistoric paintings. When Breuil entered the cave he found that there was a very thick coating of calcite crystals, with some of the best preserved pictures painted on them. All of the paintings have lasted thousands of years without decaying or fading because the natural removal and replacement of the air in Lascaux does not cause deterioration of the paintings." In: UNESCO
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