FI-1572760 - Tvinde waterfall in Voss

© Photo: Arne Tvinde - Enerett

FI-1572760 sent by "miarhi"

"As it is situated along the major highway running east out of Bergen, and en route to the famous Næroyfjord to boot, Tvindefossen is among the most popular and famous waterfalls in Norway. Though the drainage area for the stream isn’t large by any standard, the Kroelvi produces a powerful waterfall as it thunders 379 feet over a rugged cliff and descends an immensely photogenic series of stairsteps before flowing through a meadow below. Because of the small size of each step and the lack of uniformity of the steps across the broad width of the falls, it’s hard to conclusively determine exactly how many steps the falls consist of, but we would conservatively say at least 10 distinct tiers are present." In: World Waterfall Database
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