Chamrousse ski resort, Belledonne - France

© P. Blanc (photo)


"Chamrousse is a ski resort in the Belledonne range of mountains near Grenoble in the Isère department in south-eastern France. It is located in a commune of the same name. It is situated on the Recoin at 1650 m (5413') and the Roche Béranger at 1750 m (5741'). The ski-lifts reach the Cross of Chamrousse at 2253 m, 7392'.

Chamrousse hosted the six alpine skiing events at the 1968 Winter Olympics, where Jean-Claude Killy of France won three gold medals in the men's events. All women's events took place at Recoin de Chamrousse, located 2 km away." In: Wikipedia
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