Fishermen houses in Ílhavo - Portugal

© A. Pinto (photo)

Sent by me.

Last October, I visited Ílhavo just to see these typical houses, They used to owned by the fishermen.

"Within the municipality, there are two villages that are popular in the summertime: Praia ("beach") da Barra, where the tallest lighthouses in Portugal (Farol de Aveiro ou da Barra) is situated and Praia da Costa Nova (Costa Nova do Prado), with its typical houses called Palheiros (they are characterized for fronts in wood or concrete, listed with lively and cheerful colors alternated with the white color) and fish market.

[...]Ílhavo is deeply connected with the fishing of codfish; with effect most of the captains were original of there. These connections of Ílhavo with the sea can be seen in the Museum Maritímo de Ílhavo, which for besides the building, there has the only side surviving tug of fishing of the cod. The ship makes integrant part of the Museum and provides lodging for temporary exhibitions. The recently renovated Maritime Museum of Ilhavo is dedicated to the White Fleet fisheries and to the Ria de Aveiro fishermen. The main harbor (port) of the region (i.e. Aveiro harbor) is located in Ílhavo municipality." In: Wikipedia
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