Soure Castle - Portugal

© Oswaldo Santos (photo) / Papyrus

RR Portugal G60, sent by "Zepombal"

"It is said that the construction of Soure castle began in the 11th century. It was immediately destroyed by the Moors during a battle. One century later, it was donated to Count Fernando Peres de Trava, who rebuilt it. In the 20th century it was given to Soure Town Hall. Despite a rather complicated process regarding the deeds and the ownership of the castle, the castle became property of Soure Town Hall. The dominating architectural styles are: Medieval, Romanic, along with Gothic and Manueline influences. It is a simple castle of small dimensions. Remains of the citadel can still be seen, defined by four towers in the angles, a Suevi-Visigoth door and a Mozarab window." In: Lifecooler 

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