Ávila's map card - Spain


unused, bought in 2011

"Ávila (Latin: Abila and Óbila) is a Spanish city located in the autonomous community of Castile and León, capital of the province of the same name.

"Ávila de los Caballeros" is an honorific title of the city. Another is "Ávila del Rey" and yet another "Ávila de los leales" are all present in the flag of the city.

The city is notable for having a complete medieval city walls, romanesque.

It is also one of the cities with the highest number of churches (romanesque and gothic) and catering establishments in relation to the number of its inhabitants.

It is considered by many as the city of «Pebbles and Saints». It said the writer José Martínez Ruiz «Azorín», after writing «The Castilian Soul» which was «perhaps the most 16th century city of Spain»." In: Wikipedia

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