II Postcrossing Meeting in Bielefeld - Germany

Today is the Portuguses Postcrossing Christmas Meeting in Coimbra! I'm very excited to meet my friend once again and to visit the city.

Last month took place in Bielefeld, Germany, the II Postcrossing Meeting! As usual, more than 50 Postcrossers went there from several countries: Germany, Portugal, Australia, Finland, Switzerland, Netherlands, Spain and France.

From that meeting came these great postcards signed by the presents:

© Photo and design by Ana

Sent by "geminiscp": traditional Christmas sweets

© Photo by Bernhard Fischen

Sent by "azzurri": a multiview from Münster

Sent by "dollart": The Einschlingen, the hostel

© Photo by D. Fernandez & M. Peck, published by Kartenedition

Sent by "anjaaustel": beautiful penguins

From Tjitske: one of the 30 motives of the book "Rot"

© Mauritius images/age

From Isa: a great waterfall

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