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"Located in Hengchun Town of Pingtung County, Taiwan, Hengchun Chuhuo (Eternal Flame) is an ecological wonder that is about 5 minutes away from the East Gate of Hengchun Old Town. Chuhuo, meaning releasing fire in Mandarin is also known as ghost fire for these burning flames looking rather mysterious in the dark.

Offering distinctive sceneries, Hengchun Chuhuo is one of Hengchun’s unique treasures, which is fueled by natural gas that rises through cracked mudstone under the earth’s surface. These distinctive flames can be seen year-round and are best-viewed drying the dry seasons. During rainy season and days, the still-burning flames are sometimes temporarily concealed by the falling rain filling the mudstone cracks.

Hengchun Chuhuo is mostly visited by travelers in the evening for a clear view. For visitors visiting in the evening, one may want to bring torches as there are no lightings in the area. In addition, popcorn, sweet potatoes, or eggs are available at the stalls at the entrance to have some fun at Chuhuo area." In: Sinotour
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