Tibães Monastery in Braga - Portugal

unused, issued by Braga's Citty Hall

"The Monastery of St Martin of Tibães (Portuguese: Mosteiro de São Martinho de Tibães) is a monastery situated in the parish of Mire de Tibães, near Braga, in northern Portugal. It was the mother house of the Benedictine order in Portugal and Brazil, and it is known for the exuberant Rococo decoration of its church.

The first information about a monastic community in the region - the Monastery of Dumio, close to Tibães, founded by Saint Martin of Braga - dates from the 6th century.

The Monastery of Tibães was founded around 1060, and its feudal rights were granted by Henry of Burgundy, Count of Portugal, in 1110. During the Middle Ages, after the Kingdom of Portugal became independent, rich and vast proterties in the North of the country came into the possession of the Monastery. However, due to the extensive reconstruction work carried out in the 17th and 18th centuries, there are no architectural remnants from this early stage of the ensemble." In: Wikipedia
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