Pego do Inferno waterfall in Tavira - Portugal

I've never been in Tavira, but this place looks great to spend some times with a friends and family!
"Ninocas" sent it this year during her vacations in Algarve.

"A city of grandness in the past, Tavira is located on the west side of Algarve, in the middle of Cape of Santa Maria and Foz do Rio Guadiana. Two kilometers from the sea and rooted in the Gilão Riverside, harbored by a sandbank which protects the Ria Formosa, from Faro until Cacela. Such location was the key factor for the city's development and then for its lethargy and weakness. Tavira is, essentially, an estuary city and its history is linked to its port's evolution and its related activities." In: Câmara Municipal de Tavira
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