NZ-31121 - Nurses' Memorial Chapel

NZ-31121 sent by "pveejay", a detail of a stained glass at Nurses Memorial Chapel at Christchurch Hospital.

"Faith and a Sick Child

This window is a memorial to nursing pioneer Sybilla Maude OBE, known to all as Nurse Maude and founder of the Nurse Maude Association of New Zealand. In 1892 after training in London, Nurse Maude worked as a matron at Christchurch Hospital from 1893-1896 before starting district nursing. In 1904 she established an open-air camp at New Brighton to TB victims which led to the government introducing sanatoria. She died on 12th July 1935. The window was dedicated on 15th November 1936 by the retired Archbishop Julius.

The figure of a woman has the cross of Faith on her dress and the child she is holding has a head bandage and has his hands clasped in prayer. The hour glass and circle symbols represent time and eternity." In: Christchurch Nurses Memorial Chapel

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