Buçaco - Portugal (UNESCO Tentative)

© Nunes de Almeida, Editores
 Sent  by Marta.

© Nunes de Almeida, Editores
Sent by Cristiana

"Measuring 1450m by 950m, the National Forest is surrounded by a wall with several gates scattered around the perimeter, providing access to the leafy woods which surround the church, part of a Carmelite convent, a monumental palace, and several other buildings of a religious nature. Bucaco's cultural landscape predates this, the only "wilderness” of its kind in Portugal, which was created by the Order of Discalced Carrnelites between 1628 and 1630. The friars of the Monastery of Vacarip, situated five kms away, had already been active in altering the natural environment, since the sixth century. The National Forest of Bucaco boasts a remarkable botanical and scenic heritage, with a large number of gigantic, century-old trees, in which one species is especially noteworthy, Cupressus Lusitanica Miller, originating in the mountains of Mexico and Guatemala, and commonly known as the Bucaco Cedar, which, due to its age, adaptation, number and height has become a symbol of the Forest." In: UNESCO
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