Big Waterfall of Mont-Dore, Puy-de-Dôme - France

© H. Monestier

© Du Lys

Both sent by "geminiscp"

"La Grande Cascade du Mont Dore (the Big Waterfall of the Mt Dore) was a pleasant waterfall excusion that took in not only the waterfall but wonderful birds eye views of the alpine town of Mt Dore as well as the surrounding mountains and massifs including Puy de Sancy.

There were several cascades and waterfalls in the Mt Dore area, but the Grande Cascade was the most impressive one, which was why I cherrypicked it on our limited time at the source of the Dordogne River (note: I only realized we were at the source when I saw a local map showing a stream called Dore and another called Dogne join and form the Dordogne River near town). Although it was said to be 30m, it appeared taller than that probably because we were able to see it from across town near the Mt Dore visitor center (looking in the southeast direction high up above the trees on the cliffs)." In: World of Waterfalls
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