JP-236050 - Three Stairs Fall at Sandankyo Valley

© Seikyokudo

JP-236050 sent by "yukari"

"At the Sandan-no-taki Falls, or Three-Step Falls, three stages of 30-meter-high waterfalls plunge into the 120-meter long passage with a thunderous roar. It is the best scenic spot in the Sandan Valley. While there is a well-maintained 12-kilometer-long promenade, with just a few ups and downs, leading to the Sandan-no-taki Falls, it is also convenient to take a regular bus (from April to November), running from Sandan-kyo Shomen-guchi (in front of the Sandan Valley) to Deai-bashi Bridge, close to Saruiwa. A riverboat also runs through this ravine. It is utterly thrilling to pass through the Nidan-no-taki Falls and the Sarutobi where the precipices on both sides are just two meters apart!" In: Japan National Tourism Organization
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