Mother Church in Ponte de Lima - Portugal

© Guia Turístico do Norte


A view of the Mother Church (c. XII / XII) in Ponte de Lima.

"Church built by residents with the consent of King D. João I from 1425 onwards and finished probably in 1446.
Due to the overlapping of multiple styles, for instance the gothic portal crowned by an revivalist 20th century rose window, it is perceptible that it suffered sveral changes and improvements along the centuries.
The Capela de Nossa Senhora da Conceição, on the basis of the bell tower has gothic inspiration and the portico of the Capela do Santíssimo (nowadays Capela Beato Francisco Pacheco) dates from the Renaissance.
The side altars, both from the 18th century, to worship Nossa Senhora das Dores and Nossa Senhora da Piedade (nowadays Nossa Senhora de Fátima) are remarkable due to the richness of the carving works." In:  Waymarking
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