Waterfall in Jaú National Park - Brazil

I saw this beautiful waterfall in a store in Coimbra, last December. I bought it without any second thought! Today I discover that it belongs to an UNESCO place! Perfect!

© Photo by WWF/Juan Pratginestós

"The expanded property substantially increases the already impressive protection offered by Jaú National Park to the biological diversity, habitats, and endangered species found in the Central Amazon region. The area is one of the Endemic Bird Areas of the World, is considered as one of the World Wildlife Fund’s 200 Priority Ecoregion for Conservation, and it is also a Centre of Plant Diversity. The expansion of Jaú National Park to include an important sample of Varzea ecosystems, igapó forests, lakes and channels significantly increases the representation of the aquatic biodiversity of the Central Amazon region. Expansion of the site also enhance the protection of key threatened species including giant arapaima fish, the Amazonian manatee, the black caiman, and two species of river dolphin." In: UNESCO
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