Pozzo Etrusco in Perugia - Italy


The Pozzo Etrusco (in English: Etruscan Well) at Perugia's historic center.

"The Etruscan Well (Pozzo Etrusco) is situated just off Piazza IV Novembre on Piazza Danti 18. Walk down the alley and you will eventually come to the entrance door!

The exact date of the well is not known. Some estimates suggest 3 century B.C It is around 35 metres (115 ft.) deep and 5.5 metres (18-ft.) in diameter. It supplied the whole of the city with water in Etruscan times.

There are steps, passing dripping walls, that leads to a bridge near the bottom of the well, which offers great views of the inside of the well." In: Top Sight Seeing

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